Remini is the solution to almost unrecoverable broken images. Since its launch, this application has been included in the list of effective tools for editing photos. In addition to useful features with images, the application also scores with top-notch video editing capabilities. Therefore, it will be remiss if you have not had a trial experience with this app. So are you curious what other outstanding features this application has? Check out the introduction below for more details!

Summary information

Full Name Remini - Sharpen Images
Size 135M
Mod Features Premium Subscribed
Latest Version
Require Android 6.0 +
Latest Update August 11, 2022
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Remini Mod APK

Remini Mod APK – AI Photo Enhancer is an application to edit and sharpen your photos, and this is a valuable tool to help you turn old photos into sharp new ones

Download Remini Mod Apk – Discover a professional photo recovery application

Remini is a useful application that almost any photoshop and editing fan knows. In addition to the ability to recover images that are out of focus and blurred, it also has many other effective image correction features. The most popular support features of this application include:

Restoring low-resolution and low-quality photos with ease

The top feature that has brought Remini closer to the public is the restoration of very low resolution photos. In addition, the photos taken are broken, blurred also do not cause any difficulties for this application. With advanced artificial intelligence technology, every photo will be brought to the highest quality. Besides, the time to restore and sharpen the image is also very fast. You only need to spend a few minutes waiting to get a picture that is sharp and looks very professional. You can see the comparison section to see the difference between the before and after photo editing.

Restore and add text to video

Another outstanding feature of Remini is the restoration and sharpening of poor quality video. Although this feature has a similar way to do the image section, not all photo editing applications have it. After recovery, you will get back the videos with clear images, good lighting and sharpness. Besides, that, to make the video more special, you can add captions. The words that appear in the video will definitely create a unique feature and show your personality.

Review edit history easily

For the vast majority of editing apps, after editing a photo or video, the resulting product will be saved to your device. However, if you accidentally delete the new photo, it will be very difficult to fix it. Remini helps users solve this problem by developing a History section that allows review of the edit history. Thanks to that, you can easily retrieve the image instead of redoing it. The application has a history including photos both before and after editing. Therefore, you will never worry about losing your favorite photos.

Possibility to redraw the image in a different version

Remini can take your photo shoots to the next level by redrawing the image in a different version. Specifically, the feature that turns your selfie into an artistic picture. Or from a normal photo, by AI technology, the application will bring it back to an extremely lovely cartoon version. For young people who love novelty, this feature is very interesting.

Lots of fun effects

To add humor to a photo or video, you should use additional effects. Effects such as Slow motion, Face motion will reduce the boring feeling that still photos bring. The resulting products are short videos that you can post on social networks to share with friends.

Add emotion to the face

Do you have a photo that is quite eye-catching but looks a bit serious? Don’t worry because Remini will change this with the emotional combo. You just need to add a smile or wink to the face and the photo will be different from before. Don’t worry the photo will be faked because Remini’s advanced technology will bring the photo to the most natural state.

Easy to download and no registration required

One great thing about Remini’s popularity is that it’s very easy to download and edit. In addition, once installed, you will be able to use it right away without spending time registering for an account. In general, all cumbersome procedures are omitted for Remini.

Sophisticated and minimalistic interface, vertical profile suitable for phone use

Remini owns a very sophisticated and minimalistic interface. This makes it easy for users to reach and not get confused when looking at the application. Besides, the items are arranged very logically. Additional features will be summarized in the “More” section. Accompanied by a user manual for each item to make it easier for users to get acquainted. A special thing is that this application is geared towards mobile use, so the configuration is designed vertically. This is also a detail that shows the compactness of Remini.

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5/5 - (1 vote)

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