Teaser is a video sharing platform that has many similarities with TikTok. This is an entertainment app that is emerging today, especially in India. If you want to have unique videos to make your profile more “cool”, you can try this application. In this article, we will give you information about this application.

What Is Teaser App?

This is an application that allows users to create and share short videos (no more than 2 minutes). Teaser equips users with unique visual and sound effects to help you create interesting videos to help you express your creativity as well as show off your talents on social networks. Believe that you will have extremely interesting moments.

Of course, it’s not just about uploading and watching videos. You can also interact and make friends with many other users on a global scale. Besides, Teaser can also become an ideal marketing channel to help you introduce products if you are starting your own business projects.

Outstanding Features
Allows users to make video calls and video calls.
Allows users to record calls and save them on the cloud as well as on their devices.
Simple and easy data sharing
Unlimited file size and fast transfer speed
Allow users to set private mode. User can accept or reject calls from strangers
Support users with available videos
Support many different languages
User’s personal data is secured at a high level thanks to strict privacy policies
Is the teaser worth it?

Currently, there is a viral saying that is very hot on the internet. It was “Is appearance that important?” Of course it’s important. But the appearance that I mean here is the outer image of a colorful life, not someone’s appearance.

The teaser will bring you to the images of the lives of different people around the world through short videos. Thanks to that, you seem to be traveling indirectly without having to step out of the house, especially during the current COVID epidemic season.

Instructions for Creating Accounts on Teaser

First, you must download and install the application on your device.

Once in the Teaser app, tap the 4-dot icon in the bottom right corner.
You must enter your phone number correctly.
Wait a few seconds, there will be a message containing OTP code sent to your phone. Please enter this code on the Teaser.
Please fill in the necessary information such as name, date of birth, email address, password, username, etc. Soon, you’ve got an account of your own.
How to Use Teaser?

You won’t feel any difficulty when experiencing the application thanks to the simple layout of the application. The Teaser interface is divided into 3 areas. At the top of the screen is an icon of 3 horizontal bars, click on it to select the topics you are interested in. There will be many different proposals such as agriculture, business, entertainment, etc.

In the middle of the interface of the Teaser is the video. You just need to swipe up or down with your finger to switch to different videos. Running along the right side of the screen are different icons for functions such as personal page, drop heart, comment, or video call.

Finally, there is an area at the bottom of the screen with different horizontal icons with different functions such as home, search, video creation, or notifications.

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