YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium

Youtube is the world’s largest online video viewing platform, you can search for your favorite videos, upload videos to share on this platform and many other features. But sometimes you will feel extremely annoying when there are a lot of interstitial ads while watching videos, or you simply want to listen to music and turn off the screen with this platform, today I introduce to you the Youtube version. Mod Apk. With this installation you will not have to see ads, running in the background without Root.

About Youtube

Surely Youtube is no stranger to people around the world anymore, when it has become an entertainment and business channel for most computer or mobile phone users. It is a channel containing countless types of videos, different genres, you can entertain, learn, share… on this one platform, isn’t it amazing?

Currently, youtube channel is an entertainment channel with the largest number of hits in the world with many great features. But with the Mod Apk version of Youtube that I recommend to you below, it will definitely give you the best experience when using this application.

A place to entertain and follow your idols

Since 2011 until now, Youtube has had the strongest growth rate when individuals and collectives believe and choose this as a channel to promote their products. And it is for this reason that big brands and products have strongly promoted to users through here.

Music groups, singers or artists also always choose Youtube to bring their products to the audience. You can completely follow groups, singers, artists, idols or their products and shares through here. You can study and have fun completely on this amazing app.

Integrating attractive livestream function

Along with the strong development of social networking channels in recent years, artists and celebrities often have their own youtube channel. In addition to sharing videos with their fans, they also regularly organize online exchanges on the platform itself. And then you can participate in the above livestream to be able to interact and ask questions with your idol easily. You just need to ask questions by commenting right below, and your idols can see them and answer them for you.

This is a pretty great function, you can see that during the recent covid-19 epidemic, artists and celebrities did not have time to interact, perform or share with fans. graves due to quarantine regulations. And it was also at this time that famous artists like Son Tung, Dam Vinh Hung or many other famous people chose the Livestream feature to make unprecedented live shows on this YouTube channel.

It is also with this livestream function that Streamers, or Streamer jobs, were born, famous people in this profession such as Viruss, Do Mixi, Pewpew or MisThy, Linh Ngoc Dam are names that are loved by many young people. And these Streamers also have a fairly large income with this profession.

Entertainment, discover new content

Youtube’s development is thanks to the large number of individuals and organizations that make content for this channel – these people are also known as the partners of this channel. That’s why our content has also become richer, from music, games, news, survival… Create a channel with a variety of different content.

And in recent years, youtube has also released new features such as short videos, or stories, these are the latest features that this channel updates, creating more diversity and attractiveness for users. Despite the variety of content, youtube still has a strict information management department and policy, editing and selecting good information for users.

The outstanding advantages of youtube
Show small in large picture

This is a pretty cool feature when you can minimize the screen you are watching to a corner of the screen while you can still watch other content, or search for another video. With this feature, you will not be interrupted while watching videos, as well as other tasks that need to be done right away.

Listen to music without opening the screen

Normally when listening to music on youtube, you need to open the screen, which means the screen must always be on, but with the youtube mod apk version, you can completely listen to music without having to turn on the screen, this is exactly is background mode, you will not waste battery life when listening to music on youtube anymore.

No ads

This is probably a very remarkable advantage of this version, when you no longer have to watch annoying ads while entertaining. You can easily turn off ads while watching videos.

Youtube Mod Apk Version

It’s great that now you can enjoy entertainment on youtube channel with lots of great features and completely free.

Features Mod
Premium Unlock
Download Youtube Mod Apk latest version on Android

Currently, on Android phones, there is a built-in youtube application, but it is annoying because there are too many ads, affecting your entertainment time. Download now youtube mod apk version to enjoy its best features. Just download youtube premium and install it, you can use it.

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