Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade APK + Mod

Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade APK + Mod

Rise of Kingdoms allows you to build yourself a powerful civilization with famous generals in history. Diverse troop types help you form a powerful team with the right generals you can recruit and upgrade.

Summary information

Full Name Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade
Size 800M
Latest Version
Require Android 4.4+
Latest Update July 22, 2022
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As an extremely attractive game in the strategy genre, download and play Rise Of Kingdoms right away to become the greatest king, having a powerful kingdom with countless inhabitants in it. To become the greatest king, train your soldiers, conquer neighboring countries to show strength. Currently, Rise Of Kingdoms has a mod version, let’s find out what’s interesting together.

About Rise Of Kingdoms game

Rise Of Kingdoms is produced by Lilithgames, since the launch of this game has created a unique and new style for this strategy game genre, although there are hundreds of competitors, the game still asserts its value and get its own place with the new gameplay but very close to reality, with unique and realistic graphics and sound.

Coming to the Rise Of Kingdoms Hack, you will experience extremely attractive features, top battles and explore a very new world. Choose a civilization that you love, develop it and go conquer the world, note that each civilization will have its own highlights, based on that to develop your kingdom to be strong. more.


Coming to the game Rise Of Kingdoms Apk, you will be building a kingdom for yourself with a large army to go conquer new lands, other countries you want. Here, there will be 8 civilizations for you to choose from: China, England, France, Germany, Spain, Thailand, Rome, Japan.

After you have chosen your civilization, you are taken to a large land and a main house. Here you will build other structures around it. You can upgrade your main house to be strong. This will help you to upgrade other houses, thereby increasing the strength and level of your whole kingdom.

Build the buildings you want, buildings with different functions and shapes, you can combine them to make them the most beautiful. The buildings are in the game such as the field – a place to provide food, barracks, resource depots or training camps for soldiers. After building, you should upgrade them continuously, to make it more beautiful and magnificent, it will take a long time, but you can also do in-game tasks to be able to get the speed card. , it will help you upgrade buildings very quickly.

After building many buildings, your territory will run out of land, try to expand your territory around to have more land for business and construction. At Rise Of Kingdoms, you will have an overall map, it will help you to see your territory.

Conquer other countries to become hegemony

While expanding your territory, you will easily encounter small roads or mountains, this is the border separating countries from each other, also from here there are dangers from the mountains. invaders or even beasts. The construction and development of the kingdom is very important, you exploit resources, food sources such as fruits, animals, you build solid buildings and continuously upgrade it. But it is also very important that you have to build an army, this is the survival mission of each country in Rise Of Kingdoms.

The building of a strong and elite army is a proof that the country is full of authority that other countries must respect. They will not dare to invade your territory and you can completely invade their country. To be able to build and develop an army, you need to recruit, train soldiers, build military buildings, control them with soldiers and senior commanders. Try to develop your soldiers both in quantity and quality. When the number of soldiers increases, it also means that you need more commanders. And of course, having many generals will help you have many different options for your battles.

In addition, in Rise Of Kingdoms, you can completely join allies, or create your own allies. With this partnership, you can get their support in times of trouble or vice versa. You can also trade resources with them to get what you’re missing.

Rise of Kingdoms v1.0.59.17 APK + MOD (Full Game) Download

Mod Version What’s there?

In order to help you experience the game more attractively without having to spend too much time, the apk mod version was born. It will help you get more wood, gold and many other resources.

Features Mod
Unlimited gems, food, wood, VIP points, hero unlock….
Download Rise Of Kingdoms Mod for Android phones
If you are a lover of strategy games, then Rise Of Kingdoms is the perfect choice. Transform into famous generals in history like Sun Tzu, Joan of Arc or Julius Caesar… Surely it will be a world where you show your talent to build and dominate your kingdom to it. become the strongest. Download the Rise Of version now

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5/5 - (1 vote)

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