Soul Knight

Soul Knight

As a game that emphasizes individual skills and has a repetitive gameplay, it doesn’t have to be boring, it will motivate you to constantly participate in the challenge that the game offers, as well as to brings new things to open in every game experience. These are the interesting things that you can find in Soul Knight, when playing this game you will enjoy endless fun.

In this game you will play roguelike and dungeon crawling. With simple 2D graphics but bringing lovely and attractive things, surely the more you play, the more impressed you will be with this game. So what are those impressive things, let’s find out in detail the Soul Knight game and the modified version by this Soul Knight Hack user.

About Soul Knight

Soul Knight is a game with a combination of role-playing and shooting games. It’s very interesting that someone told me they could play this game for 2 days straight, just eating and playing. Speaking of which, many of you will probably want to download and play this fascinating game right away. Soul Knight is produced by Chillyroom, you can play the game for free and support playing games on both android and ios operating systems.

Soul Knight has a mixture of elements of RPG and shooting genres. Because the combination of the two genres is very attractive, this is definitely a super attractive game. When playing this game, you will explore a dark world in a castle without light, collect weapons, ammo and destroy everything.


Before I play, I would like to tell you that this is a very difficult game to play and a lot of challenges will come to you. Its plot is similar to Enter The Dungeon, if you have ever played this game, you can see that they are quite similar. Your main task when coming to this game is to sweep all enemies with the heroes you have.

Each hero in the game will have different abilities, you need to know which hero is strong and what to be able to exploit them. For example, there are some heroes that can use weapons, dodge bullets, power invisibility and many other abilities. But also note that not all heroes are strong, but they are only strong in certain staples and also have certain loving things.

Some of the characters in this game are activated with gems, but others are purchased with IAP. Of course, for those of you who don’t like to spend money, it is enough to play heroes for free, if you are unfortunate enough to die, you can watch ads or spend 200 gems to revive. If not, you can start over from the beginning.

Also in this game there are mercenaries, you can use money to hire them to fight for you, money you can earn if you win. With this mercenary, they can help you do a lot of useful things.

Weapons in the game

In each different door, you will use different guns. Weapons in the game include Guns, knives, bows and lasers, in addition, there are more than 170 different weapons for you to choose and use. To be able to use weapons in Soul Knight, you will need mana or souls.

Each weapon in the game will have its own power, you need to know the strength of each weapon to use it to achieve the highest efficiency. For example, guns can destroy enemies quickly, but on the contrary, it consumes a lot of mana, so you need to consider using them. Or sword has very high damage, but its range is short, but when using sword you can also spend less energy than other weapons.

In addition, in this game, you can also raise a certain pet. cats for example, they can fight enemies with you. If you like another animal, you can also buy it, but note that they only have the same color as you.

Hero Unlock

Each time you join the game, you will be taken to a place where all the heroes are located, each hero will have different abilities and stats. Some heroes you need to buy with real money, but there are also some heroes that you can buy with money in this game.

In addition, you also need to upgrade your heroes to make them stronger. You can upgrade HP, mana or cooldown….

Graphics of the game

Legendary Pixel 2D graphics are a huge highlight in the game Soul Knight that is loved by players. It is the childhood of many gamers from the time of playing games on handheld electronic devices with 4 buttons. Although this is a very simple graphic, it is one of the most addictive game platforms today.

Money in the game

In Soul Knight, there are many different currencies from gold, gems, etc. Each currency has different effects such as gold to hire soldiers and items. Gems can be used to buy characters and pets or can also upgrade characters and other incentives.

Soul Knight Mod Apk Version

With this mod version will give you a lot of attractive features when playing the game. You will not have to spend too much time and effort, but you can still explore Get all the interesting things in this game.

Mod feature
Unlimited money.
Unlock all the locked things in the game.
Download game Soul Knight mod apk for Android

When participating in playing Soul Knight it brings nothing but endless fun, moreover it has simple gameplay and is completely free. With Soul Knight mod apk version you can download for android phones, when there is an update for Ios version we will provide you right away. Download and experience now Soul Knight mod apk version to enjoy endless fun.

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